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If you want to chat with like-minded Country fans from around the world, why not join my Chad J Country WhatsApp group using the form below.

Chad J Country WhatsApp Group
Chad J Country WhatsApp Group

This is a free, no obligations chat group with the aim of connecting country fans from around the globe. The chat is friendly, Non-Political, Non-commercial, and Non-Offensive.

We are 100% country and just want to have light-hearted, fun chats. Who knows maybe make some friends along the way.



Join the Chadder-Jack Army. Its 100% country and 100% fun, we are all just one big country family


Chadder-Jack Community
Chadder-Jack Community
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  • Be kind to your fellow members, we are here for fun and friendship
  • Offensive posters will get 1 warning depending on severity of the incident (Extreme issues will be dealt with by expulsion)
  • Commercial posts are not permitted unless expressly authorized by Chad J Country
  • Racist, Sexist and political posts are not allowed, please take that to another group
  • We are all about country music and the country scene here but general chit chat is encouraged.

Anyone who breaks the rules depending on how severe will be issued a warning, further violations will result in removal.