Raihanna Estrada “June”

Raihanna Estrada is a fairly new artist to me. However, I have to say, I am incredibly impressed with the whole package that she delivers.

Raihanna Estrada June
Raihanna Estrada June

Raihanna has a gift for stringing words together in a sublimely lyrical way and, with her very country singing voice, this results in super catchy and immensely enjoyable songs.

Her latest song “June” 100% fits into this category.

With a very catchy melody, clever lyrics which tell a story you can relate to, and a  happy bouncy sound relaying the joys of the summer this is a tune for all seasons.
I feel this song would brighten up any dreary day and make any summer day a real party.

The video that Raihanna has produced to go with “June” again, really portrays the feeling of happy summer days, summer picnics and sitting in the country or by a lake.

For me, if a song can induce an emotional reaction, then its a winner, Raihanna has achieved this with “June”.

I have played this tune on the radio show and will definitely be playing it again, especially when the winter months come around again and we need a gentle reminder that summer is just around the corner.


  • Line: If I could bottle you up and tuck you away, save you for a rainy day, the feeling that old and new.
  • Part of the song: The chorus, which really has power and just makes you smile.
  • Video: The accompanying video has a fantastic retro feel and, in parts reminds me of the Bangles back in the early days.

Chad J Country Rating

Music 9
Singing 10
Lyrics 8
Video 9
Overall (Of 40) 36