Philippa Hanna

Super talented British singer-songwriter Philippa Hanna heading to Sussex in September

Philippa has a long-established footprint in the music industry.

Hailing from Barnsley, Sheffield in the UK, Philippa had released five albums, a live DVD and a couple of autobiographical books.

If you think, “Who is this girl” let me tell you.

Philippa has clocked over one thousand live performances in twenty-five countries over the past decade and has shown her worth and talent.

The Barnsley singer has opened for a host of big-name mainstream acts such as Little Mix, Leona Lewis and Wet Wet Wet to mention a few as well as continuing support from the BBC.

Hailing from a musical family it is in her DNA to perform and entertain.

Her brother Stuart Zender (former bassist in Jamiroquai) just proves the family pedigree that Philippa has.

With a delicate yet powerful voice that conveys the mood, intent and feeling of the songs she sings you will be left in no doubt that you have just listened to real class and talent.

Leaving her Gospel and Christian songs of recent times behind Philippa has returned to Country with pure class and a wholesome yet modern country sound.

Her latest album Come Back Fighting is exactly what the modern country audience craves and needs, giving the true country feel yet adding an up to date sound which should bridge all age groups.

With songs such as Off The Wagon drawing comparisons with the likes of Dolly Parton, Philippa will be a name that will be heard for a long time to come.

She was even brave enough to cover Always On My Mind on her latest album, which she executed perfectly.

The skillful melodies, hooks and guitar work that Philippa produces will keep your foot tapping for hours.

Ticket link 

Doors: 7.30pm – 11pm 

Age: 18+ 

Venue: Lewes con club 

Date: September 4th 2020