Olivia Lane “Living Instead” Review

Nashville based Olivia Lane is an artist that I have seen and have a huge amount of respect for. Not only is she a great artist who produces some amazing songs, but she is a lovely person too.

Olivia Lane "Living Instead"
Olivia Lane “Living Instead”

The energy that Olivia exerts is contagious and will always make you smile.

The latest offering from Olivia is “Living Instead” is a bit of a departure from what we are used to hearing from her. Although the chorus is upbeat, rocky and has power the song just feels like there is something missing. It really pains me to say that as I have loved all of Olivia’s previous work.

The verses are in a slow deep tribal sounding rhythm, and although Olivia sings perfectly the build just wasn’t there for me.

There are many components that you would expect from Olivia within the song, the chorus being the main part. It has a rocky, electro, distorted sound that is slightly akin to some of her previous releases, the subject matter is meaningful, well written, and sung with feeling and of course the production is spot on.

All that being said, it is still a good song and one I will be playing on the Chad J Country radio show.

The subject matter is one that I know is very close to Olivia’s heart as she has herself suffered from anxiety and stress, she has not been shy about telling us all that. It is not uncommon to hear Olivia on a live stream or Instagram telling us that she is going for a session with her therapist. This in its self is a brave move but to write a song about being yourself and not worrying about what the rest of the world thinks just goes to show the maturity and commitment to SELF that Olivia has.

I am sure that the new sounds and styles Olivia is currently working with will develop and grow as she herself does the same, both personally and professionally.