Emma Stevens “Here Comes The Sun” Review

Emma Stevens has been around the Country/Folk scene for a good while now and has notched up a number of hits.

Emma Stevens
Emma Stevens

Her most notable being a tune that was taken as the theme tune to the Chinese reality show Where Are We Going? Dad. The song “A Place Called You” which released in 2012 and has now gained over 500 million streams.

Lucky for us Emma has a new single out right now, (released in May 2020). The song in question is a cover of the famous Beetles song “Here Comes The Sun”. Emma has done herself proud with the cover.

As you would expect from a well-polished and professional artist, the production, singing, and instrumentation are spot on.

Emma brings a certain something to the tune, with a soft clean vocal that makes you smile, as well as relaxing you into the song.

Her crisp clear British style really gives the song a new dimension dragging it from the 1960’s right into the modern age.

This is a very well known song and I have to say, a brave move from Emma deciding to cover it. Opening herself up to criticism from die-hard Beetles fans, Emma has nothing to fear here as her rendition is flawless.

This is exactly what the world needs right now, a happy song, reminding us that the future is bright, summer is on the way and things will get better.