Beth Keeping “Two Seats Down” Review

Beth Keeping is a UK singer-songwriter with some acclaim. Being well known on the country circuit, she has a following and fanbase that is constantly growing.

Beth Keeping
Beth Keeping “2 Seats Down”

The latest single released by Beth “Two Seats Down“, will do nothing to harm the continuing growth of her audience and fan base. This single, released on the 20th March 2020, is a track that combines both slow beats full of feeling with upbeat choruses culminating in a well-balanced song.

The feeling that Beth gets into the song can be felt through both her lyrics and delivery, combining power and feeling, whilst conveying the mood within the song subject. Well known for writing from the heart and personal experience, you can tell the lyrics mean something and are not just words put together to sell music.

There are many country singers on the circuit in the UK at the moment but Beth rises above a host of them. Beth, with co-writing partner Lauren McLamb, have written a classy song that will stand up against much of what is on offer at the current time.

It is said that Beth is the UK’s answer to Taylor Swift. This is a statement I hear all too often regarding many UK female artists and feel that the comparison is not fair. Firstly, Taylor Swift had, and still has, a large record label behind her as well as access to state-of-the-art recording technologies, not to mention the multi-million-dollar advertising budget.

Beth, however, is not in such a lucky position and has to do things the hard way, with sweat, graft, and tears. This, in my opinion, makes Beth a unique artist, a fine example of what you can achieve if you really put your heart into something.

In 2018 Beth founded the “Write Like A Girl” movement that puts the spotlight on female artists and promotes the inclusion of the amazing female talent we have in the UK

This lady is one to watch as I believe her following and popularity will grow as the UK Country scene grows.

The Youtube video of “Two Seats Down” can be found HERE!